A better way to get the energy outcomes you want.

The Sparkfund Technology SubscriptionTM allows you to take energy system management off your to-do list so you can focus on your core business.

Owning and operating your energy systems is not your core business…but it is ours.

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We monitor and continuously optimize the performance of your systems. If an asset is underperforming we will upgrade it at no additional cost.

The Technology Subscription qualifies for off-balance sheet financing, preserving your capital budget for internal projects.

Functional Guarantee
Sparkfund guarantees the function of your systems, no matter their age. If an issue impacts system performance, you don’t pay until we fix it.

Maintenance & Repairs
Sparkfund takes care of all ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs for your systems.

Sparkfund will replace underperforming systems and manage the process for you.

Covered Technologies


HVAC & Mechanical

Monitoring & Controls

Electric Vehicles

EV Charging

Energy Storage


Power Factor Correction


Smart Thermostats


Other Proven Technologies

Sparkfund has saved organizations more than $70 million in energy costs. What can we help you do?

"Sparkfund has helped us make sure we can focus our resources where we need to, to make sure we can grow."

Alex Fridzon
CFO & Treasurer
AD1 Global