Do a decade's worth of energy projects in six months.

We remove the pain of traditional energy upgrades by taking ownership - not just of your new systems, but of the process too.

New, better equipment at no risk

One monthly cost

A single all-inclusive payment made as an operating expense*.

* Accounting treatment depends on customer accounting and legal counsel.

Simple contract

Sign a short contract with a simple list of how your new tech will function.

No-risk guarantee

We'll make sure your systems work - if they don't, you don't pay.

The new way to access cutting edge technology

The old way of procuring technology is expensive, complex and distracting. Sparkfund has a solution. Now you can focus your resources - time, money, balance sheet, and people - on what's most important to your organization.

What's included?

New equipment

  • LEDs
  • HVAC
  • Controls
  • And other technologies

Guaranteed function

  • Servicing, maintenance & repairs
  • No-risk guarantee

System setup

  • Custom system design
  • Audit and installation partners

Technologies we offer



Building controls

EV charging

Energy storage

Other proven technologies

See if the Sparkfund Technology Subscription is right for your organization: