Do a decade's worth of energy projects in six months.

We remove the pain of traditional energy upgrades by taking ownership - not just of your new systems, but of the process too.

A better way to upgrade your energy technology

Preserve your capital

With Sparkfund, an off-balance sheet, OpEx payment covers your installation, repairs, monitoring, and ongoing service, with no upfront costs.

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Remove the headache of project management

We'll handle every detail of your multi-tech, multi-location project. From audits to installation and maintenance, you won't have to worry about a thing.

Take the risk out of new technology

New technology comes with a lot of unknowns - Did you choose the right equipment? Did the vendor overcharge you? Sparkfund eliminates the unknowns and gives you transparency into the process. Plus, we guarantee your equipment will function as promised through the entire contract term. If it doesn't you don't pay.


Stop spending time maintaining equipment

Once installation is complete, Sparkfund will handle all ongoing maintenance and repairs so your maintenance team doesn't have to.

Don't get locked into a long-term contract

Unlike performance contracts and other mechanisms, with Sparkfund you'll have flexible term lengths, multiple end-of-contract options, and can terminate the service at any time.


Spend less time contracting

Thanks to our short, easy-to-execute four-page contract with a simple list of the new technology and how it works, you'll spend less time in your lawyer's office. You're welcome.

Stop worrying about cost fluctuations

With a fixed monthly OpEx payment, you'll always know what your future costs will be.


Technologies we offer



Building controls

EV charging

Energy storage

Other proven technologies

We've helped organizations reduce their carbon footprint by 469,204,503 pounds of CO2e. What can we help you do?

Sparkfund has helped us make sure we can focus our resources where we need to, to make sure we can grow.

Alex Fridzon
CFO & Treasurer
AD1 Global