About Us

The Sparkfund Story


It started with a question: How do we transform how businesses manage their building energy systems? That question is still at the core of our work today, even though the answers have evolved constantly through customer feedback since Sparkfund’s founding in 2013.

The story began when Pier LaFarge, Joe Indvik and Nick Devonshire sat on the customer side of the table, working directly with corporate, municipal and industrial customers to upgrade their energy infrastructure. The trio learned first-hand how frustrating the offerings in the market were and wondered why the process wasn’t easier. Months later, Nikko Patten Weinstein wondered what role software and technology could play in solving this problem and joined the group to help find an answer.

After nine months of working nights and weekends on their idea, the four co-founders quit their jobs to focus on Sparkfund full-time, refining the concept and pitching investors. Drawing inspiration from Amazon Web Services and Netflix, subscription quickly emerged as the means to address core customer barriers and Sparkfund began selling the model to customers in 2017.


  • Founded as a crowd investment platform for energy efficiency in September.
  • Set up our first office in a coworking space.
  • Officially incorporated in Delaware in November.


  • Closed $700,000 in Seed Round funding in January.
  • First-ever earned media in July.
  • Closed Series A funding in December for $6.9 million.
  • Closed our first project, In Good Health.


  • First corporate retreat in September.
  • Moved to our Rhode Island Ave. office.


  • Master Service Plan V1.0 launched in January.


  • Closed Series B funding of $10 million in February, led by Energy Impact Partners.
  • Moved to our current office, 1808 Adams Mill Rd. NW, in May.
  • Rebranded from SparkFund to Sparkfund in August.
  • Launched the Sparkfund Technology Subscription™.


  • Expanded into the third floor at 1808 Adams Mill Rd. NW in October.
  • Sparkfund turned 5 years old in November.