About Us

Sparkfund powers organizations by providing access to the latest energy technology in a new and better way - through a simple monthly subscription model backed by a no risk guarantee.

We partner with contractors, ESCOs, manufacturers, utilities, and energy retailers to deliver the Sparkfund Technology SubscriptionTM, transforming how businesses implement energy technology.

Sparkfund seeks to create positive change for the world by deploying solutions that make good business sense and are good for the planet.


Leadership Team

Pier LaFarge
Co-Founder & CEO

Nikko Patten Weinstein
Co-Founder & President

Asher Burg
Chief Revenue Officer

Leigh-Golding DeSantis
COO, Founding Team

Angela Ferrante
CMO, Founding Team

Mike Kohn
Vice President, People Operations

Morgan Wright
Chief Financial Officer

Sparkfund Team

Peyman Allahvirdizadeh
Talent Acquisition Manager

Will Alexander
Director, Project Management and Delivery

Claire Alvis
Software Engineer

Donald Ball
Software Engineer

Matt Bosch
Director, Utility Sales

Carol Burns
Senior Counsel

Anthony Carnette
Credit Analyst

Phillip Choi
Associate Counsel

Phil Croker
Operations Manager

Mike Derzko
Director, Business Development

Alex Dickson
Director, Deal Solutions

Jon Duelfer
Software Engineer

Megan Fellows
Manager, People Operations and Events

Taylor Griffith
Content Marketing Manager

MaryLauran Hall
Director of Product

Lauren Harris
Director, Business Development

Ben Hill
Operations Manager

David Hoedeman
Director, Business Development

Annie Hurwitz
Sr. Manager, Subscriber Services

Cassandra John
Director, Capital Markets

Ashlee Keown
Marketing Coordinator

John Lee
Graphic Designer

Chris Martin
Senior Director, Marketing

Lee McElroy
Manager, Business Development

Michael McLenahan
Director, Credit and Portfolio

Emily Rasowsky
Customer Experience

Brendan Reed
Director, Business Development

Paul Roberts
Director of Finance

Patch Ronald
Senior Accountant

Kyle Saltsman
Director, Operations

Tanner Smith
Sr. Director, Business Development

Nathan Sorenson
Software Engineer,
Founding Team

Jeffrey Stanton
Software Engineer,
Founding Team

Michael Wurzbacher
Account Manager

Board of Directors

Reuben Munger

DR Richardson

Lindsay Luger

Brandon Hurlbut

Pier LaFarge


Sparkfund's Advisory Board includes:

  • Dan Reicher, Executive Director at Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy
  • Kate Brandt, Sustainability Lead at Google
  • Ray Rothrock, Partner Emeritus at Venrock
  • Jeff Navin, Partner at Boundary Stone and former DOE Chief of Staff
  • Richard Graves, Chief Impact Officer & Co-Founder at CleanChoice Energy
  • Ron Smith, President at Curtis H. Stout
  • David Litt, Former Senior Speechwriter to President Barack Obama