The smartest way to deal with your energy systems.

With the Sparkfund Technology SubscriptionTM you can subscribe to the heating, cooling, lighting and resiliency your organization needs for less than you’re spending on these systems today.


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Our subscription allows you to focus on what matters most — your core business.

You Save Time

Sparkfund will handle every detail of your multi-tech, multi-location project — from audits to installation to maintenance and repairs. With all of these time-consuming tasks off your plate, your team can focus on other projects.

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You Save Money

Sparkfund uses bulk procurement, optimized operation and preventative maintenance to keep costs down. Your subscription covers installation, repairs, monitoring and ongoing service with no upfront costs. Monthly subscription payments are fixed, smoothing out spiky, unplanned repair and replacement costs and keeping your budget predictable.

You Avoid Risk

New technology comes with a lot of unknowns. Did you choose the right technology? Did the vendor overcharge you? Sparkfund eliminates the unknowns and gives you transparency into the process. Plus, we guarantee your technology will function as promised through the entire contract term. If it doesn't, you don't pay.

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You Preserve Capital

Our contract qualifies for off-balance sheet treatment* allowing you to preserve internal capital for other projects. By using Sparkfund's capital for technology upgrades and paying a monthly OpEx fee, you also avoid paying upfront costs. 


*Sparkfund is not an accounting firm and this is not intended as accounting advice. Actual accounting treatment depends on customer tax and legal guidance.

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Customer Stories

To preserve capital and achieve its growth goals, AD1 Global used the Technology Subscription to programmatically upgrade newly acquired hotels.

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By the Numbers

Sparkfund is on a mission to create solutions that are good for business and the planet. To date, we’ve helped hundreds of companies implement new, energy efficient equipment.


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