Energy Efficiency, Simplified

A subscription model for energy technology in buildings.

Sell As-a-Service Buy As-a-Service

SparkFund radically simplifies how organizations consume energy efficient technologies like lighting, building controls, and HVAC. Customers get new, better equipment at no risk. Our As-a-Service approach means:

A single payment covers installation, repairs, monitoring, and ongoing service.
Free energy audits and system proposals, and no upfront payment for customers.
Stronger and longer-term relationships between customer and solutions provider.

SparkFund's Partner Platform

SparkFund helps energy vendors - manufacturers, contractors, ESCOs - sell more efficiency technology. You choose the solution that will work best for you and your customers - "efficiency as-a-service" or traditional financing.

Sell As-a-Service

Our premium platform lets you sell an all-inclusive solution that bundles equipment and ongoing services.

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Payment Plans

Our free platform brings co-branded financing to your projects. Eliminate upfront costs for customers with loan and lease options.

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SparkFund for Customers

SparkFund helps businesses, non-profits, and other organizations access efficient energy technology.

Buy As-a-Service

An all-inclusive solution for organizations who want a simple, no-hassle way to access new energy technologies.

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Project Leases & Loans

Have a project in the works or prefer to buy your equipment outright? SparkFund offers loan or lease financing for projects totalling at least $50,000.

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What Our Partners Say

“The energy efficiency industry has been waiting for SparkFund. Their simple business model makes energy-efficient technologies accessible to every business.”

Billy Grayson

Former WESCO Sustainability Director

“Heliospectra's payment plan powered by SparkFund is simplifying the way we sell our greenhouse lighting and spectrum control software. Our sales team loves the financing calculator or ‘slider.’ This tool makes it easy for customers to understand the benefits of our product without worrying about the upfront cost.”

Caroline Nordahl Wells

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Heliospectra

“SparkFund's model is brilliantly simple. Their online tools make selling my efficiency projects so much easier.”

Ashley Chance

Eco Energy Development CEO

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