The new, easier way to upgrade energy technology.

Upgrade the energy systems across your building portfolio painlessly with the Sparkfund Technology SubscriptionTM.


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We break down the barriers to upgrading your energy systems.

Save Time

There’s never enough time in the day, but with Sparkfund you get a little more. We manage the whole process from project identification, audit, vendor selection and installation to ongoing maintenance so you don’t have to.

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Preserve Company Cash

Updating building infrastructure can be a drag, especially on capital resources. With the Technology Subscription, you'll pay nothing upfront, just a single monthly cost that's treated as an operating expense.

Eliminate Risk

Buying and owning new technology comes with risks. Will the equipment work? Is the vendor reputable? With Sparkfund you get the best vendors, the best deals and a guarantee that the equipment will function for the life of the contract.

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Customer Stories

To preserve capital and achieve its growth goals, AD1 Global used the Technology Subscription to programmatically upgrade newly acquired hotels.

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Do you know the true cost of upgrading technology?

Check out our Total Cost of Use calculator to see how the technology subscription stacks up against traditional procurement methods, and how much money you could be leaving on the table.

By the Numbers

Sparkfund is on a mission to create solutions that are good for business and the planet. To date, we’ve helped hundreds of companies implement new, energy efficient equipment.


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