SparkOS navigates a complex market ecosystem for you.

Sparkfund’s plug-and-play operating system, SparkOS, sources the best partners for you, so you work with the best partners at the best price without doing any of the work.

The Value We Bring

Capital Stack

Sparkfund obtains high-quality and low-cost financing from leading financial institutions so you can spend your capital on growth, not light bulbs.

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Service Partner Network

We have built a national network of pre-qualified vendors. These best-in-class service partners will install and maintain the technology at your locations so your team can focus on other projects.

Energy Asset Cloud

We’ll create a digital inventory of all your existing assets and use the data to create an asset condition report. That way you can see what shape your technology is in and we can create a data-driven replacement plan.

SparkOS_Energy Asset Cloud

Software Application

Our proprietary digital customer experience interface makes it easy for you to see the status of all of your assets across all of your locations in one place.

Transaction Management

Stop worrying about which invoice to pay when. Sparkfund will handle all vendor payments for you so all you owe is a monthly subscription fee. And we make that easy, too, thanks to automatic ACH debits.


Customer Support Systems

Our Subscriber Services team makes getting help easy. No matter which asset or project there is a problem with, you only need to call one number and we’ll get the right person out to fix it.

Organizations Using Sparkfund

Ready to have the SparkOS do the work for you?