O'Brien & Company

Single tenant office space upgrades lights with rebates and flexible financing.


Office Space


High Efficiency LED Lights

Financing Term

84 Months

Expected Savings


CO2 Reduction

33,875 lbs/year


Seattle, WA

The Problem

O'Brien & Company, a Seattle, Washington based consulting firm focusing on sustainability in the built environment is in the process of expanding and moving into a new office space. Before completing the move, O'Brien & Company wanted to take the opportunity to outfit the new space with equipment and furniture reflective of their company's standards for a healthy, happy, and productive environment from day one! Unfortunately, expansion can be expensive and O'Brien & Company didn't want to compromise quality for less efficient or lower quality equipment.

The Solution

Mark Buehrer, the Director of 2020 LED Lighting, approached O'Brien & Company with a lighting design plan that would fit all the goals for their new office build-out. Mark bundled Samjin Beetle series lights, ESL Vision tubes, and Beetle Series color tunable fixtures, daylight harvesting sensors, and controls. He also included 16 Prism color tunable desktop task lamps to complete the $24K installation package for a variety of uses and aesthetics around the office.

To ensure O'Brien & Company could achieve their goal of obtaining high-quality lighting in their new office without compromising the scope of the project, Mark included a Sparkfund estimate in his proposal. Sparkfund, 2020 LED's embedded financing partner enables 2020 LED's customers to make customized monthly payments instead of an upfront investment. For this project, Alistair Jackson, O'Brien & Company's Principal selected an 84 month term. Combined with the $2,500 incentive Mark was able to secure from Seattle City Light and Sparkfund financing, O'Brien & Company will be able to enjoy high-quality lighting in their workspace as a role model for sustainability in the built environment.

As a company focused on sustainability in the built environment, leading by example is critical. Sparkfund financing gave us the opportunity to maximize the quality of our energy efficiency goals by using human centric tunable LED office lighting while staying within our monthly operating budget.

Alistair Jackson, Principal, O'Brien & Company

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