Nature's Pavilion

New Jersey natural foods store upgrades to LEDs, reducing utility bills and improving customer experience.




LED Lighting

Financing Term

96 Months

Expected Savings


CO2 Reduction

594,371 lbs over the project lifetime


Pompton Plains, NJ

The Problem

Nature's Pavilion, a natural foods market and vitamin shop in Pompton Plains, New Jersey, is a fine retailer of fresh produce, natural vitamins, and healthy supplements. Steve Shah, the owner of Nature's Pavilion, was unsatisfied with the quality of the lighting in his store for a number of reasons. The fluorescent tubes frequently burned out or flickered, directed lighting into the ceiling instead of the aisles, and burned at a high wattage. In addition to producing high electric utility bills, the lighting did not match the aesthetics of Nature's Pavilion. Steve began shopping for an electrician to audit his space and provide a plan for upgrades, but was unsatisfied with the recommendations and pricing he received.

The Solution

Matthew Stovesand, Project Manager at Encore LED, approached Nature's Pavilion with a recommendation to upgrade to LED lighting throughout the entire store. He designed a plan that included low profile recessed fixtures and track lighting throughout the store for better illumination of the product inventory. The LEDs run at a lower wattage yet shine brighter, lowering the store's utility bills while providing the kind of lighting that properly highlights the produce and natural foods available at Nature's Pavilion. To further reduce project costs, Matthew secured a major rebate from the State of New Jersey and included a customized payment plan from Encore LED's partner, Sparkfund.

Rather than approach this upgrade as a major capital investment, Steve was able to select his own term using Sparkfund's simple pricing tool. Steve selected a 96 month term - setting his projected cash flow to double the size of his payments! The installation will also allow Nature's Pavilion to achieve nearly $11,000 in annual utility bill savings. Altogether, the excellent design and fast customer service from Encore LED and Sparkfund completed a package that Steve Shah at Nature's Pavilion was eager to implement. With new high quality LEDs , the aesthetics and sustainability of his store match the quality and healthful nature of his groceries and products.

The Results

Bright, Properly Oriented Lighting: Nature's Pavilion's new LED lighting properly illuminates the fresh produce and vibrant health foods. The old fluorescent tubes bounced lighting around on the ceiling, wasting light and energy.

Sustainability: The quality lighting from Encore LED runs at a much lower wattage than the lights previously in the space. The new LED installation will save 594,371 lbs of CO2 over the lifetime of the project.

Speed of Installation: After going back and forth with many electricians, Steve received a proposal from Matthew at Encore LED, who was able to design a proposal, apply for financing, and close the project in less than a month.

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