First Pentecostal Church

Historic New Orleans church upgrades to state-of-the-art LEDs.





Subscription Length

60 Months

Expected Savings


CO2 Reduction

15,330 lbs/year


New Orleans, LA

The Problem

The First Pentecostal Church has a rich history of community and congregational initiatives in New Orleans. In 2013, the church celebrated its 55th anniversary. Like many historic churches, this building's upgrade of older, pre-existing technology presented an excellent cost-saving opportunity. Built in 1954, the facility was under-lit in several critical spaces of the church, which created inconsistent lighting output and temperature throughout the building.

Moreover, a lighting upgrade for the entire building required thousands of dollars of upfront costs — a factor that would greatly reduce financial resources for the church's ongoing congregational initiatives.

The Solution

LightEdison with their Channel Partner, Sean Bernard of Bernard Construction, presented the members of First Pentecostal with a comprehensive energy solution to cover the installation, maintenance, and ongoing servicing of a new lighting retrofit. The retrofit solution is comprised of 380 fixture upgrades, including retrofit kits, replacement fixtures and replacement lamps, and is expected to generate savings of $56,230 over a 10-year period. A Lighting Services Agreement with Sparkfund allowed First Pentecostal to proceed with the lighting upgrade with zero out-of-pocket expense and monthly savings from day one.


The Result

In addition to the very strong financial performance of this installation, the retrofit reduced lighting energy usage by 79.9% and saved more than 75,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

With positive cashflow savings and a new custom lighting solution, First Pentecostal Church is lighting the way towards greater sustainability, financial savings, and comfort for their congregation.

Reduced energy consumption: Lighting load reduced 79.9%

Increased light output: Average lumen output increased over 15%

Increased light quality: More consistent color temperature and increased CRI


I always enjoy knowing I had a part in improving the quality of lighting, which directly relates to productivity and morale for my customers.

Scott Brown, Owner of Affordable Electric, LightEdison's Installation Partner at First Pentecostal

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