Community Christian Academy

Parochial school captures big energy and dollar savings with lighting-as-a-service upgrade.




T8 LED Lighting

Subscription Length

60 Months

Expected Savings


CO2 Reduction

428,997 lbs over the project lifetime


Milliken, Colorado

The Problem

The Community Christian Academy (CCA), an independent K-12 school in Olympia, Washington, wanted to implement a series of lighting upgrades to improve light levels and reduce their monthly utility bill. In order to roll out a complete energy savings program, CCA was looking for a lighting solution that allowed them to avoid capital costs and only committed them to making payments if and when they saved money.

The Solution

Allumia's Efficiency Services Agreement (ESA) model, with zero upfront costs, free maintenance, and guaranteed energy savings provided the ideal offering for the Community Christian Academy.

Allumia's lighting engineers developed an efficient lighting system with T8 LED bulbs specifically for CCA. The Allumia lighting system was installed along with electric meters to measure the exact amount of energy savings the school would see from the lighting installment each month.

The ESA is structured to guarantee both near and long term savings for CCA. During the term of the contract, Allumia bills CCA for a fixed percentage of the actual savings that the school sees.

Allumia's Efficiency Services Agreement supported by Sparkfund financing enabled the Community Christian Academy to install energy efficient lights with zero upfront cost and guarantee savings along the way.

The Result

Immediate shared savings. CCA will only pay Allumia per dollar saved. Following the term of the contract, CCA will see 100% of the project savings.

Enhanced reliability of operations. Allumia will replace all necessary equipment for the system at no upfront cost to CCA.

Reduced carbon footprint. The T8 LED lighting system will save 428,997 lbs of CO2 over the lifetime of the project.

Increased focus on mission. Savings from the project will allow Community Christian Academy to focus on their mission of preparing students to impact their world.

Backing our Efficiency Services Agreement with Sparkfund financing was simple and straightforward. Sparkfund's ESA solution changes the way we do business and we're eager to get more projects done.

Aaron Block, Principal at Allumia

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