Customer Stories

Hear how AD1 improved guest satisfaction and reduced their environmental impact with Sparkfund.

Technology Subscription Projects

Creative firm subscribes to light and air to focus on their core business.

Public university upgrades lighting across campus to improve academics and student safety.

Assisted living organization improves lighting and resident quality of life portfolio-wide.

Growing hospitality company upgrades technology and guest experience across its portfolio.

Miami Hotels make guests happier and reduce environmental impact with energy technology subscription.

Trail-blazing charter school embraces out-of-the-box energy efficiency strategy.

Hotel saves money and gives guests better lighting with an Efficiency-as-a-Service upgrade.

Children's museum lights up Las Vegas while saving time and money.

Technology Subscription-based LED lighting upgrade will save $1M over ten years.

Washington, D.C. condo upgrades lighting with LED Lighting-as-a-Service program.

School captures big energy & dollar savings with Lighting-as-a-Service upgrade.

Global financial services firm's real estate trust meets energy reduction goals in two office buildings.