Optimize Your Buildings and Budgets

Platform Overview

Your business needs lights and conditioned spaces in order to create a comfortable environment for you to do what you do best. Sparkfund acts as a seamless extension of your internal teams to deliver energy infrastructure projects that minimize costs and maximize reliability- all for a simple fixed monthly Subscription payment and no upfront


Cost Reduction

We lower the Total Cost of Ownership by passing savings to our customers so they can spend valuable capital and time on their core business instead of HVAC equipment or lights.

Flexible Payment Options

On average the project financing available through the Sparkfund Technology Subscription™ projects at 5% lower than our customer’s hurdle rate.

Optimization Services

Continued optimization strategies like HVAC retro-commissioning and controls save 10-15% on your energy bill.


Our vendor partnerships, and off-cycle procurement, on average, can generate 20% savings on equipment procurement.

HVAC and Indoor Quality

Modifications to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems might help reduce the spread of pathogens and contaminants by purifying air, improving ventilation and managing air flows and reduce energy spend by as much as 10% at the same time

Emergency Repair Avoidance

Proactive monitoring can result in a 20% reduction in repair spend.

Rebate Management

Rebate processing and management with the utility to get all the available rebates for a project-- lowering project costs as much as 40%.

Technical Expertise

Engineers and pre-qualified partners create cash flow positive projects and address critical infrastructure improvements.

Increased Reliability

We increase the reliability of your energy systems by using best-in-class maintenance and data-driven optimization strategies

Monitoring & Controls

Advanced monitoring and controls technology maintain efficient equipment.

Functional Guarantee

If your systems don’t work to agreed-upon standards, you don’t pay.


Our branch network responds to planned and unplanned repairs, as well as, emergencies anywhere in the US.

Subscriber Services

24/7 support for your energy systems.

How We Work with You

Sparkfund can be a seamless extension of your internal facilities and energy teams; a single point of accountability, support, and expert implementation to ensure reliability and savings.

We partner with customers to understand needs and implement strategies to meet organizational goals.


Covered Technology

Monitoring &



Backup Storage & Generation


EV Charging




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