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What is As-a-Service?

SparkFund brings you the software platform and low-cost capital necessary to sell products as an all-inclusive "Efficiency As-a-Service" package. Instead of pitching a cash equipment purchase or third-party financing, your sales team can present a simple Service Plan proposal.

Based on data from across SparkFund's partners, we've seen that projects sold As-a-Service experience close rates around four times higher than traditional project proposals.

Why Sell As-a-Service?

SparkFund brings all the elements needed to sell your solution as-a-service with our premium platform. We bring a simple process to convert projects as small as $10,000 to the As-a-Service mode of sale.

Customer Advantages

  • One bundled monthly payment - Customers make a single bundled payment covering the use of the equipment, maintenance and ongoing servicing.
  • Pay over time - Customers make operating expense payments, avoiding the headache of on-balance-sheet assets. (subject to customer's accounting)

Partner Advantages

  • Maximize project profit - Guaranteed ongoing revenue means each closed deal is worth more.
  • Long-term customer relationship - Get paid upfront for the project cost and over time for ongoing servicing.
  • No more project purgatory - Eliminate the friction of third party financing.

How it Works

SparkFund's turnkey structure means less work for partners and is branded in your name so that you retain the customer relationship. SparkFund manages payments collection and owns the technology for the Service Plan term.

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Who We Work With

SparkFund enables manufacturers, contractors, and other vendors to grow their businesses by selling projects As-a-Service. Partner qualifications include:

  • At least $2,000,000 in annual revenue
  • Average project size $100,000 or more
  • Lighting, controls, and other market-tested technologies
  • Projects include ongoing service such as maintenance, M&V, or O&M
  • Ability to dedicate full-time sales resources to the As-a-Service mode of sale
  • Based in the United States

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