The Sparkfund Platform™ Offers Functional Guarantees For Your Assets

Reduced costs, increase reliability, and tackle sustainability goals

The Sparkfund Platform is a software & services platform that delivers whole-building energy system solutions that are outcome-based, data-driven & fully transparent. Customers use our platform to capture reduced costs, increase reliability, and tackle their sustainability goals across their sites. The Functional Guarantee is one of the core features of the Platform and it guarantees that your equipment will function as designed.

air conditioning technician making a diagnosis of an industrial air conditioning unit with a laptop next to other VRV condenser units on a rooftop in a sunny day

What do we mean by equipment functional guarantee?

We understand that your business needs light and a comfortable environment to enable your core business. We also understand that ensuring the functionality and reliability of your energy systems can feel like a distraction from your core business. Whether you are managing one location or multiple locations, you are constantly faced with the possibilities of your equipment malfunctioning and impacting your business. The Functional Guarantee is designed to eliminate that risk for you and give you peace-of-mind.

Once on our platform, if your systems are not performing as designed, we will identify and resolve any issues within predetermined time frames. If we are unable to resolve issues within the allowed time, your monthly payment will be reduced proportionally until such problems are resolved. This means you never pay for the services unless they are delivered as guaranteed.

How is this different from an energy savings guarantee and why is it better?

Functional Guarantee ensures your equipment is functioning as designed. Energy savings guarantees, on the other hand, are complex agreements that often restrict how and when equipment is used. This takes away your control over the use of your equipment and conditioned environment.

Guaranteeing function, rather than savings, Sparkfund provides the financial benefit of reduced energy consumption while keeping you in full control of your building operations. A functional guarantee covers the equipment regardless of how and when you need to access it, while allowing you to capture 100% of the associated savings.

How does this work?

We measure key guarantee metrics to determine if an asset is working:

    • Typically we leverage real-time alerts and smart monitoring to spot malfunctioning equipment early. This is done either through existing or new monitoring systems as part of a broader monitoring and control strategy.
    • Customers also have the ability to contact our Customer Support team to report irregularities.

Our Customer Support team is dedicated to diagnosing and resolving issues within the predetermined time. In the event that we are unable to resolve the issue within agreed upon timeframes and need additional time to troubleshoot and/or implement the fix, we honor payment reductions.


How we measure and guarantee resolutions

Guarantee conditions will vary by technology.


Guarantee metrics

How We Measure

LED Lighting

Number of Functional Units, Max Power Draw

Customer informs us/ Lighting Dashboard Alarms

Unitary HVAC / Mechanical

Supply air temp is within a guaranteed window for a 2 hour window

Remotely Monitored Alarms

Building Automation Systems

Supply air temp is within a guaranteed window for a 2 hour window

Remotely Monitored Alarms

Energy Management Systems

Data availability (Points)

Remotely Monitored Alarms

Traditional Building Automation
System Upgrades

Data availability (Points)

Remotely Monitored Alarms

Backup Generation

Power generation capacity (kW), System Uptime

Remotely Monitored Alarms

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

Charging Capacity (kW)

Remotely Monitored Alarms

(industrial ceiling fans, Big Ass Fans)

Measurable CFMs, Maximum Power Draw

Customer informs us

Refrigeration Systems

Max Power Draw, Supply Air Temp

Remotely Monitored Alarms, Customer informs us

Example Guaranteed Response Time (individualized for each customer)

Minor Interruption

Initial Response Time

3 hours (business hours)

Failure Inspection

5 business days

Performance Reconciliation

5 business days (target), 30 cal days (guaranteed)

Major Interruption

Initial Response Time

3 hours (all hours)

Failure Inspection

2 business days

Performance Reconciliation

48 hours (target), 5 business days (guaranteed)


Supply air temperature is within 2°f for a 2 hour window

Reach out if you want to learn more about our solutions.