Captain Subscription Saves the Day


Operating successful restaurants runs in the Flynn family. But when Uncle Gary and Donald Flynn bought their McDonald’s and Burger King stores their intent was to focus on cooking and serving customers, not owning and managing energy systems like lighting and HVAC. With a superior customer service commitment to uphold, Flynn Restaurant Group has been following in their footsteps, putting up with problematic, inefficient energy assets that pull their team away from making customers happy.

But wait...

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… Captain Subscription! He’s the most practical superhero the restaurant industry has ever known, spreading the ease of the Southern Company Technology Subscription across America. With our innovative subscription model, you get the heating, cooling, lighting, and resiliency you need to run your restaurants for less than it costs you today.

Captain Subscription has come from his headquarters at Southern Company to help Flynn Restaurant Group save money and serve customers at the same time.

As soon as the contract is signed, Captain Subscription will bust out his signature moves to protect the Flynn family legacy of being people-first and operationally efficient:

Slashing Energy Costs

Our solution adds value while cutting costs via bulk procurement, use of energy efficient equipment, peak demand reduction, and more. With your capital back where it belongs — in your pocket — you’ll be financially prepared to grow the Flynn family of brands when opportunity strikes. Your subscription payment will cover monitoring, installation, repairs and ongoing service.

  • A fixed, monthly subscription payment
  • No upfront cost to you
  • Our contract qualifies for off-balance sheet treatment*

*Southern Company is not an accounting firm, and this is not intended as accounting advice. Actual accounting treatment depends on customer tax and legal guidance.


Restoring your Energy Assets at Lightning Speed

We take care of everything so you don’t have to. Expert technicians will install, maintain and repair all of your energy assets so your managers don’t have to lift a finger and can give your customers their full attention.  

  • Construction management software provides complete visibility into project status and progress
  • We work with a national network of best-in-class vendors who are experts at installing and servicing energy systems
  • A dedicated Subscriber Services team is on call to support you if any issues occur

Blocking Store Closures

A technology subscription ensures your energy assets perform through the entire contract term, so you never take on unnecessary risk. If it doesn’t, you don’t pay.

  • Monitoring will be installed to track system performance so we can identify and address issues before they impact your business
  • Proactive maintenance and replacement planning lowers costs and improves system reliability
  • A predictable monthly payment eliminates spiky, unplanned repair costs and business interruptions

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