Finance Your Project

SparkFund can finance your commercial energy retrofit or new building project.

What We Offer

SparkFund provides financing for energy related retrofit and new build projects in commercially owned buildings.

  • Projects between $50,000 and $5MM
  • Flexible terms from 1-10 years
  • Fixed rate financing with average rates of 7%
  • 100% financing, including soft costs like labor and shipping


  • Fast and Easy: Our online financing application takes only minutes to complete. Approval and offer terms can be presented in as little as 48 hours.
  • Flexible Terms: Customers choose an ideal term to fit cash flow needs. Select a longer term for more positive cash flow, or a shorter term for lowest total cost.
  • We Say "Yes" More: We want to lend to small businesses and non-profits. We’re also flexible on what and how we do the financing.
  • No Building Liens or Collateral: We don’t require any collateral beyond the equipment installed and don’t take a security interest in the building.

Eligible Uses

  • Equipment costs including LEDs, other efficient lighting, HVAC, building controls, windows, envelope, and other proven technologies
  • Installation and shipping costs
  • Project developer fees

Financing Structures

  • Commercial Loan
  • Capital Lease
  • Operating Lease
  • Service Plan  (Available through select Service Providers only)
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