Sparkfund Technology Subscription and Active Monitoring:

The Problem

Despite a $28M renovation and LEED Platinum certification in 2015, HVAC, building controls and lighting systems were not functioning properly. Teachers and students were working in cold classrooms in the winter, significantly distracted from teaching and learning. School was purchasing space heaters as a temporary fix. Too much time spent by key staff members troubleshooting and working with various contractors to fix malfunctioning systems. Because of inefficient setpoints and schedules, school was faced with high gas and electric charges month after month.



  • Sparkfund controls engineers obtained remote access to the BAS to monitor alarms and trend data to diagnose, troubleshoot and support resolution of pre-existing communication issues and Identify efficiency opportunities 
  • Blue Pillar IOT system relays BAS data to Sparkfund datalake for analysis and presentation (and peace of mind) via the portal
  • COVID-related remote setbacks reduced monthly utility bills from ~$15,000 to ~$5,000


  • Subscription bundle enabled ~$360k lighting project upsell on top of ~$596k HVAC subscription contract
  • Stickier, 10 year relationship (formerly 12 months PM contracts)
  • Added ~$175k addendum for 26 additional heating systems without repeating competitive bid and board review process

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