The Easiest Plant
You'll Ever Manage

With the Sparkfund Technology Subscription, managing your Church & Dwight plant could be as easy as managing a faux plant. Our subscription is all-inclusive and gives you access to the lighting, heating, and cooling, and resiliency your plant needs for less than it costs you today. We’ll take care of upgrading, monitoring and maintaining your lights, HVAC and other technology so you can focus on producing the best Church & Dwight products possible. And because we’ve already been using the technology subscription at your Harrisonville Plant under a Church & Dwight-approved contract, getting started at your location is easy.

How We Take Care of Your Plant


Operational Savings

The Sparkfund Technology Subscription is rooted in savings. With our solution, Church & Dwight will avoid expensive repairs and upfront costs. And our fixed, monthly OpEx fee frees up capital for other projects. 


Monitoring and controls will shine a light on your plant, giving you insight into how your energy technology is working and allowing Sparkfund to resolve problems proactively as part of our risk-free functional guarantee.


Proactive Maintenance

Real plants need regular watering, and your plant needs regular maintenance. Our expert technicians will keep your lighting, HVAC and other infrastructure running smoothly year-round and act fast if issues arise.


Functional Guarantee

Your plant will flourish with our subscription. Our functional guarantee ensures all of your technology will work during the contract period. If it doesn't, you don't pay. 

We’ve already started a project to save the Harrisonville plant money. Ready to dig into the potential savings for your location?

Organizations using Sparkfund