Tarkanian Basketball Academy

Sports facility reduces maintenance and improves light quality with LightEdison.


Educational / Athletic



Financing Term

60 Months

Expected Savings



Las Vegas, NV

The Problem

Tarkanian Basketball Academy's legacy lighting system delivered dim light in the gymnasiums, which raised safety concerns and impacted the player experience.

With their new lighting system, Tarkanian Basketball Academy will avoid paying a net $30,063 over the next 10 years, but more importantly, athletes will play in a safer and better lit space.

The Solution

LightEdison specified and installed 60 replacement fixtures in Tarkanian's gym. To achieve the proper lighting levels at the gym floor, larger wattage LEDs were required, as opposed to a standard 1:1 equivalency. Ambient light levels in the facility were brought up to industry standards, and increased by over 40%, which dramatically improved safety and created the type of professional coaching environment the customer desired. Cooler lighting color temperatures were chosen in order to maximize the operational effectiveness of the upgrade. Even with the substantial increase in lighting levels to the facility, overall lighting energy use was kept constant. Given that these fixtures are designed to last over 20 years, impacts to the maintenance crew were alleviated and operational resources could be invested elsewhere.

The Result

Tarkanian Basketball Academy will avoid paying a net $30,063 over the next 10 years, but those benefits are small compared to the increased safety and overall quality improvement for the athletes in the facility.

Tarkanian 2

At Tarkanian Basketball Academy the lighting in our gymnasium is of utmost importance. We need to provide the highest quality of light for our athletes, teams and rental partners to help them reach their full potential. Our LED lighting project has dramatically increased the light quality of our gymnasium, seemingly improving moral as well! It's been a real win-win!

Ennis Wesley, General Manager/Partner, Tarkanian Basketball Academy

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