Stonebridge Hospitality

Hotel saves money and gives guests better lighting with an Efficiency-as-a-Service upgrade.





Subscription Length

84 Months

Expected Savings


CO2 Reduction

104,014 lbs/year


Frankfort, KY

The Problem

A Kentucky-based hotel franchise owner, Stonebridge Hospitality, was exploring ways to upgrade the parking lot lighting for their Fairfield Inn by Marriott hotel in Frankfort. The halogen bulbs they had in place presented maintenance issues; typically failing in less than a year, necessitating costly replacements. The hotel could have no more than two lights out at a time; otherwise, they'd be in violation of franchise rules. To ensure guest safety and minimize costly electrician visits, Stonebridge would replace all the bulbs at one time each year, incurring a significant and unnecessary expense.

The Solution

Big Ass Solutions (BAS), a leading provider of commercial, industrial and residential lighting, ventilation and related systems, presented Stonebridge with an Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS) approach to an LED lighting upgrade. With the upgrade, Stonebridge could deploy the latest technology, minimize up-front capital costs, improve the lighting outcome, and continuously ensure guest safety. Best of all, Stonebridge's monthly payment could be paid using the monthly savings in their energy costs.

The Result

BAS's solution was full turnkey: lighting, installation, 24/7 service, with minimal customer effort and expense, paid for over a 7-year contract period through energy savings. In addition to safer and brighter parking lots with long-life lighting systems, Stonebridge is looking forward to energy use reduction, financial savings, and trouble-free support and service. The hospitality firm is also evaluating its other properties for eventual upgrades on the same basis.

Brighter, more efficient lights: 15% increase in lumen output with 41% decrease in lighting load

Improved lighting quality: More consistent color temperature and increased CRI

Net energy savings: New lights reduce annual energy usage by 41 MWh, and save $5,211 per year

It was clear that this was a superior approach in every way, but I found it hard to believe. Having them walk me through the calculations in a simple way, I realized it's a no brainer, I don't know why anybody wouldn't do it.

Marc Stone, CEO of Stonebridge Hospitality

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