Midas Auto Service Experts

South Carolina auto repair shop upgrades to LEDs for performance and energy savings.




LED Lighting

Financing Term

68 Months

Expected Savings


CO2 Reduction

178,950 lbs/year


Columbia, SC

The Problem

Midas Auto Service Experts, a full-service auto repair shop in South Carolina, wanted a long-term solution to reduce the energy usage and operating costs of the shop, while improving the efficiency and appearance of the workspace. A lighting retrofit seemed promising but budget constraints made a capital investment project nearly impossible.

The Solution

Adamant Energy, a North Carolina based energy efficiency provider, identified substantial opportunities for energy savings for Midas with a series of lighting upgrades throughout the auto shop - over $2,000 annually!

To tap into these savings, Chris Dalton, Principal of Adamant Energy proposed a complete lighting retrofit with an integrated financing solution powered by Sparkfund that allowed Midas to complete the project for zero upfront cost. With a customized payment plan in place, the project was ready for installation. Jimmy, the owner of Midas Auto Service Experts, selected a term of 68 months, which made his payments equivalent to his anticipated savings, making this upgrade effectively utility bill neutral. Once the payment plan term is over, Midas will purchase the equipment for $1 and keep all of the savings.

The Result

Self-funding project
Midas Auto Service Experts will pay Sparkfund back monthly using the savings from the project.

Better lighting quality
The newly installed LEDs increase the quality of the lighting in the building drastically, providing higher lumen output, better light spread, and color uniformity.

Workplace safety
High-quality lighting eliminates shadow areas ensuring employees have full visibility - extremely important in workspaces with heavy-duty tools and machinery.

Reduced carbon footprint
The new LED installation will save 178,950 lbs of CO2 over the lifetime of the project.

We are thrilled to have new lights installed with such a speedy process. Signing up for an Adamant Payment Plan through Sparkfund was an easy and seamless process to maximize our savings.

Jimmy Herlong, Owner, Midas Franchises

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