Matthews Memorial Baptist Church

Washington, DC church improves lighting, saves energy & money with custom payment plan.




LED Lighting

Financing term

72 Months

Expected Savings



Washington, DC

The Problem

Matthews Memorial Baptist Church remains one of DC's oldest and largest Baptist congregations in southeastern Anacostia. Over 800 families take part in weekly services and multiple community outreach initiatives ranging from childcare to food drives. While the entire facility was renovated and expanded for the Church's 100th anniversary, fading lights, outdated electrical equipment and high maintenance costs put a strain on the monthly operating bill and diminished the aesthetic beauty of the historic church. Even the Church's museum, full of iconic and historic moments in the community, was so poorly lit that pictures were almost completely obscured in the shadows.

The Solution

Jeffrey Clark, Trustee Chairman at Matthews Memorial, approached DCSEU for a solution to the aging lights in the facility. DCSEU's extensive DC network connected the Church to Dahan Lighting to provide a full lighting retrofit. Yet this lighting upgrade for the entire facility came with a huge sticker shock to the Church board during the initial project presentation. Nevertheless, after connecting with Sparkfund, Jeffrey Clark shared a new option, a payment plan, with the Church's board.

Instead of having to pay for the total project cost upfront, the Sparkfund payment plan allows Mathews Memorial to pay over the course of 72 months while making profit on the net monthly savings. Moreover, DCSEU's rebates reduced the monthly payments of the project - leaving $26,000 in annual savings to spend on community outreach initiatives, food drives and education.

With reduced energy and maintenance costs, and positive cashflow savings, Mathew Memorial Baptist Church brightens the day for its congregants and the greater community it serves.

LED lighting is a win-win for our community and our environment. We are proud to have quality LED lighting for our congregational activities and grateful for such easy financing options from Sparkfund and very helpful rebates from DCSEU.

Jeffrey Clark, Trustee Chairman, Matthews Memorial Baptist Church

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