Lakewood Animal Hospital

Ohio animal hospital upgrades to LEDs, sees immediate utility bill savings.




LED & T8 Lighting

Financing Term

40 Months

Expected Savings


CO2 Reduction

692,613 lbs over the project lifetime


Lakewood, OH

The Problem

Lakewood Animal Hospital wanted to lower its annual operating costs through a series of lighting upgrades. The project was originally budgeted for purchase in December 2015. But that delayed timeline would have cost Lakewood Animal Hospital 4 months of savings!

The Solution

The Kel-Lume Group performed a building audit for Lakewood Animal Hospital, and approached the hospital with a lighting proposal complete with an integrated financing solution and electrical contractor available for installation.

Kel-Lume proposed an LED retrofit that would both increase the quality of the lighting throughout the hospital and provide the hospital with an immediate return on investment. Kel-Lume included a Sparkfund financing estimate in the proposal. Sparkfund's quick turn-around ensured the project could be implemented in August rather than in December. After the LED installation, Lakewood Animal Hospital saw an immediate positive cash flow, even after paying their utility bill and lease payment. Once the financing term is over, Lakewood Animal Hospital will purchase the new lighting technology for $1 and keep all $385 in savings per month.

Kel-Lume and Sparkfund made it easy for us to capture energy savings from day one. We're excited to put this money towards new veterinary equipment and can already see the difference in our lighting quality.

Pauline Baran, Hospital Manager at Lakewood Animal Hospital

The Result

Immediate profit
Lakewood Animal Hospital will pay Sparkfund back and see positive cash flow each month.

4 months of extra savings
Lakewood Animal Hospital was able to bump up the timeline on their lighting project and gain an extra 4 months of savings!

Increased future savings
Once the financing term is complete, Lakewood Animal Hospital will pocket all of the electric savings, at least $4,630 annually.

Better lighting quality
The newly installed LEDs will increase the quality of the lighting throughout the entire hospital, especially important in surgery and exam rooms.

Carbon reduction
The new LED installation will save 692,613 lbs of CO2 over the lifetime of the project.

We've incorporated Sparkfund financing into our processes from start to finish. The tools they've created for us help customers understand the immediate ROI of our lighting proposals.

Mark Kelly, CEO at Kel-Lume Group

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