Irby-Overton & Great Oaks Veterinary Hospitals

Veterinary hospitals upgrade to LED system, providing better facility lighting while reducing energy costs.


Veterinary Hospital


LED Lighting

Financing Term

60 Months

Expected Savings


CO2 Reduction

572,732 lbs over the project lifetime



The Problem

Dr. Beth G. Overton, owner of the Irby-Overton Veterinary Hospital sites in Mobile, AL, operates two facilities that provide high quality veterinary care to pets in the Mobile area. Dr. Overton recognized the potential for energy savings by replacing the hospital's legacy lighting system with a new, state-of-the-art LED lighting system.

With a full lighting retrofit in mind, Dr. Overton needed a quality, cost-effective solution. The community counted on the hospital to provide around the clock veterinary services to their canine and feline family members, so she needed an option that wouldn't disrupt the facility's ability to operate during installation.

The Solution

LightEdison, a full service LED design and installation company, quickly produced a custom lighting proposal highlighting expected annual energy savings of $5,569 by replacing the hospital's legacy energy-sapping system with 4 new LED lighting fixtures, 59 LED lamp replacements, and 161 LED lighting retrofit kits. The new LED lighting system is expected to reduce the hospital's energy consumption by 52% annually, which translates to a utility bill reduction of 60%.

Andrew Trapanese of LightEdison noted the small facilities would benefit from the customized financial products provided by their partners at Sparkfund. A commercial loan provided the speed and flexibility that Dr. Overton's proposed LED lighting upgrade required. The custom term length allowed the hospitals to finance the project with no money down, and recognize positive cash flow from day one over their 60 month term.

The Result

Brighter, more natural lighting plays an important role in patient and staff well-being!

I am very pleased with both the process of the retrofit and the results. The lighting is exceptional for our patients and veterinary professionals. We are very excited about future energy savings! The funding process through Sparkfund was easy and I will be sure to recommend both LightEdison and Sparkfund to friends and associates in the future!

Dr. Beth Overton, DVM

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