Integrity Autoworks

Auto body shop offers better service and improves security with new, high-quality LED lighting.


Automotive Repair Shop


LED Lighting

Financing Term

36 Months


New Hyde Park, NY

The Problem

Integrity Autoworks is a locally owned, full service repair shop in New Hyde Park, New York that prides itself on its commitment to customer service. Owner John Rossi had multiple problems with his lighting over the last year. For instance, there were a series of vehicle break-ins in front of the building because there wasn't enough outdoor lighting. The lack of outdoor lighting was coupled with insufficient indoor lighting, which made it difficult for his technicians to spot scratches and small details until the cars were brought out into the sunlight. This issue detrimentally affected Mr. Rossi's bottom line because the cars needed to go back inside the shop for more detail work, which further delayed work on other vehicles.

Because Mr. Rossi services a varying number of cars each month, his cash flow is variable. Insurance company claims are often delayed, which is disruptive to his cashflow. This financial unpredictability made it difficult for him to finance a necessary energy efficient upgrade.

It was really a no brainer, being able to greatly improve the lighting in my shop and save money at the same time is fantastic. Sparkfund made it possible for me to upgrade without affecting the cashflow of my business. I didn't have to settle on quality, and was able to use Stymulus LED's in my shop.

John Rossi, Owner, Integrity Autoworks

The Solution

Stymulus and Sparkfund made it possible for Integrity Autoworks to install high quality LED lighting with with no out of pocket payment. They were available every step of the way to answer questions or find solutions. Autobody work is all about the fine details, and having correct lighting is paramount. Mr. Rossi knew that Stymulus was the right company for the job when he learned of their substantial knowledge of how different CCT's (correlated color temperatures) of light work best for his industry.

Stymulus replaced the old, inefficient highbay lights in the shop with energy saving LED highbay lights. These replacements from Stymulus use 50% less electricity, and are significantly brighter. Bright outdoor flood lights with both motion and daylight sensing technology were also installed to aid in security and safety.

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The Result

Financially smart. The Integrity Autoworks project was fully financed, and Mr. Rossi was able to pay off the project with his energy savings.

Better service quality. Having more direct/linear light has helped his technicians better see fine details when blending or matching paint.

Increased security. Outdoor lighting has increased Integrity Autoworks' security. Theft has been significantly decreased as a result of installing Stymulus LED Floodlights.

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John has always put his customers first and it shows throughout his business. That's why we thought it would be appropriate that Sparkfund assist in helping Mr. Rossi. Sparkfund financing helped our friend and client use energy savings to pay for their project and really made this project possible for both parties.

Brendan Langstaff, Chief Operations Officer, Stymulus

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