Freshly Grown Farms

Simple LED financing helps Columbia, SC business grow fresh produce year-round.




LED Lighting

Financing Terms

48 Months


Columbia, SC

The Problem

Freshly Grown Farms (FGF), located just outside Columbia, South Carolina, delivers high-quality, healthy, and sustainable local produce. Known for its award-winning hydroponic arugula, FGF provides farmers markets and restaurants with a wide variety of pesticide-free vegetables and lettuce.

With electricity costs in South Carolina soaring, many small businesses are looking to control costs by buying food from local farms. To satisfy growing demand from customers, FGF needed a way to grow year-round, even on cloudy days.

Researching options for agricultural grow lights, founder Jason Poole learned that a greenhouse LED lighting system would yield high crop growth and show the best financial return of all lighting options. High-intensity discharge (HID) lamps run too hot for plants and have exceedingly high electrical costs. Alternatively, the limited color spectrum of fluorescents cannot produce thriving greens and lettuce. To optimize plant production for minimal operational cost, FGF would need to find an LED lighting system and a financing solution to cover the upgrade.

We are so excited about our new LED grow lights. The upgrade would not have been possible without Sparkfund's flexible payment plan and LumiGrow's lighting expertise.

Jason Poole, Freshly Grown Farms

The Solution

LumiGrow and Sparkfund delivered the perfect solution: a high technology lighting system specifically designed for plant production and flexible financing to fund the project.

The Sparkfund Financing Calculator let FGF choose the financing solution that worked best for their operation: a 4 year lease with fixed monthly payments.

The LumiGrow Pro 325 Horticultural Lights combined with the LumiGrow Lumibar Strip Lights will enhance crop vitality and accelerate crop growth with up to 70% less energy than with HID lights.

The Result

Increased capacity. The LumiGrow lighting systems help the produce grow quickly and enabled FGF to produce a steady year-round supply of healthy lettuce.

Delicious & locally-grown produce for customers. Consumers are able to consistently enjoy high-quality FGF produce in their homes and at local restaurants.

Support for the local economy. Upgrading their facility has helped FGF establish themselves in the local food scene and let Columbia's residents keep their dollars local.

We are thrilled to support FGF's growing operation with state-of-the-art horticultural LEDs. Embedding Sparkfund payment plans into our proposals lets customers like FGF take advantage of high-performance and efficient equipment with minimal hassle.

George Chan, Director of Marketing, LumiGrow

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