DISCOVERY Children's Museum

Children's museum lights up Las Vegas while saving time and money.





Expected Savings


CO2 Reduction

29,454 lbs/year


Las Vegas, NV

The Problem

The DISCOVERY Children's Museum is a shining example of Las Vegas's commitment to accessible culture, art, and education. Since 1984, over 2 million children and adults have visited the award-winning Museum. The Museum's new three-story building, opened in 2013, features nine themed, interactive exhibits and a 5,000 sq-ft rotating Featured Exhibitions Gallery. This impressive facility allows the Museum to provide vibrant, engaging, and playful learning experiences to children from economically and culturally diverse backgrounds.

The Opportunity

The museum wanted to enhance the visitor experiences and reduce the Museum’s energy usage and environmental impact. After seeing immediate utility savings following a re-program of the Museum’s HVAC pumps and boilers, Gary Haleamau, the Museum’s Director of Exhibits & Facilities, set out to find other energy efficiency opportunities.

LEDs, with their superior light quality and significant energy savings, were a logical next step. However, most lighting vendors that the museum spoke to required large upfront cash payments in order to get a project started, which posed a challenge for the non-profit institution.

The Solution

LightEdison, a turnkey energy services company with over 30 years of industry experience, joined with local partner 1 Sun Solar Electric to present a new option -- the Sparkfund Technology SubscriptionTM.

The Sparkfund Technology Subscription allows customers to pay for energy efficiency upgrades through simple, monthly, operating expense payments. No upfront costs means savings from day one. Equipment performance is guaranteed, so if a light bulb goes out, LightEdison will promptly arrive on site to fix the issue. Even better, at the end of the subscription, there's a built-in option to upgrade to a new lighting system using the latest and greatest technology.


The Result

By replacing their existing T8 2x4 troffers with 3500k LED troffers, the Museum will save more than $30,000 over the next 10 years. The high-quality lighting output from the LEDs also enhances the look and feel of the exhibits for the Museum's many visitors.

Because the monthly subscription payments are less than the utility and maintenance savings, the Museum is enjoying over $100 dollars of net savings every month. This immediate influx of cash will help the Museum continue to invest in creative, hands-on exhibits like “Eco City” and “Water World,” as well as traveling educational programs like “Discovery on Wheels” that make unique learning experiences accessible to children throughout the Southern Nevada community.

The subscription option was a no brainer to me. I'll never have to buy or replace a lightbulb again!

Gary Haleamau, Director of Exhibits & Facilities

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