Carlock Dealer Group

Technology Subscription-based LED lighting upgrade will save nearly one million dollars over ten years.





Subscription Length

60 Months

Expected Savings


CO2 Reduction

845,588 lbs/year


Mississippi and Tennessee

The Problem

The Carlock Dealer Group owns three automotive dealerships in the greater Tupelo, Mississippi and Jackson, Tennessee region. The dealership wanted to upgrade lighting in their facilities to improve the visual appeal of their lots, allowing customers to better view their expansive inventory. The firm also recognized the additional benefits of improved lighting, such as increased employee safety and reduced risk of vandalism. The time and resource-intensive nature of energy efficiency upgrades can often pose a challenge for companies like The Carlock Dealer Group, whose primary focus is on the core business. For this reason, Carlock sought a solution that would preserve time and resources, as well as provide cost savings to the business.

The Solution

With the Sparkfund Technology SubscriptionTM, energy services company LightEdison was able to upgrade several of Carlock's facilities to LED lighting. Carlock was interested in a technology subscription so they could use their capital on their core business and focus their resources on better servicing their clients. With the lighting upgrade, Carlock could deploy the latest lighting technology, reduce up-front capital costs, and continue to ensure safety and security. LightEdison specified and installed 689 interior retrofit kits, 395 exterior retrofit kits, 6 replacement fixtures and 3 replacement lamps. With long-term budget optimization in mind, LightEdison also installed 400-watt exterior shoebox fixtures, equipped with 130-watt retrofit kits designed to last more than 20 years.


The Result

Carlock's lighting upgrade removed troublesome shadow areas throughout their facilities, increasing ambient light levels by more than 20% and improving safety and curb appeal for customers. Carlock reduced its overall lighting energy use by nearly 60%, while also significantly enhancing illumination throughout the facility. The company is looking forward to energy use reduction and future financial savings, thanks to their technology subscription solution.

Carlock Automotive Group will avoid paying a net $954,475 in direct lighting costs over the next 10 years through the Sparkfund Technology Subscription. In addition to these benefits, Carlock of Tupelo has increased safety and improved sales performance across the facility.

We're looking at saving almost a million dollars over the next ten years, and we're able to use our capital for our core business. Without question, this was a great financial decision for our group.

Terrence Ingram, Carlock Management

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