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Growing hospitality company upgrades technology and guest experience across its portfolio.




Lighting, PTACs, Thermostats, RTUs, Toilets, Washers, Dryers, Roofing, and Catalysts

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7+ locations across Florida, Georgia and North Carolina

The Problem

AD1 Global is a leading hospitality group with 15 properties under management and six more in development in the Southeast U.S. AD1 Global's growth has been fueled by its strategy of acquiring and renovating existing hotels, with an eye towards becoming the best and most profitable hotel company in the universe.

With aggressive growth goals, AD1 Global needed to balance its capital between acquiring new locations and retrofitting existing hotels to meet the AD1 Global standard.

LED lights in hotel

The Solution

AD1 Global looked to OnPeak Energy, a Florida-based energy performance contracting (EPC) company that works with building owners to evaluate, install and finance investments in energy saving equipment, to solve their problem. OnPeak Energy turned to Sparkfund whose Technology Subscription would allow AD1 Global to update their critical systems without diverting core resources away from their business. Using the Sparkfund Technology Subscription, OnPeak Energy was able to identify, design, install and ultimately maintain the systems in key projects for AD1 Global.

“We always look for ways to find people who are the experts, so that’s why we work with OnPeak and Sparkfund. We believe they are companies that really know what they are doing,” Berman said.

The integrated solution OnPeak Energy brought addressed all of AD1 Global's concerns: improved hotel aesthetics and guest comfort, reduced risk in maintaining the equipment, accelerated renovation timeline across multiple hotels, and no upfront capital outlay that boosted their stakeholders’ return on investment.

The Results

Initially utilized for a single hotel, AD1 Global has now rolled out this solution across seven locations, using the technology subscription to install:

  • PTAC
  • RTU
  • Catalysts
  • Lighting
  • Thermostats
  • Toilets
  • Roofing
  • Washers and dryers

AD1 Global calls its partnership with OnPeak Energy and Sparkfund a “huge success." AD1 Global considers OnPeak Energy a trusted partner and often consults them before purchasing a new hotel, allowing them to review the space and make recommendations on the expected cost (and benefit) of renovations.

“The installations are smooth because OnPeak has a project manager that handles the installations, and we have a general manager at each project site,” said Gilberto Sanchez, COO. “They worked together like a team.”

“I would recommend OnPeak and Sparkfund to anyone who is willing to use their system,” Berman said, “because not only are they efficient, but they are friends.”

OnPeak and Sparkfund have helped us make sure we can focus our resources where we need to, to make sure we can grow.

Alex Fridzon, CFO & Treasurer

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