BAS & IOT Overview

Our Active Monitoring service leverages technology to give customers transparency into their HVAC’s functionality. We take advantage of the data within Building Automation Systems or other monitoring systems such as Smart Thermostats to make data-driven-recommendations and flag underperforming systems with potential to fail.

The Outcomes We Deliver To Our Customers:

Active Monitoring results in early detection of underperforming systems and provides customers the necessary insight to take action early. Dedicated controls engineers work behind the scenes to empower facility managers to proactively avoid expensive unplanned repair/replacements.

  • Remote fault detection and diagnosis based on dynamic system performance data
  • Assessing asset condition to deliver timely repair and replacement recommendations to prevent system failures
  • Systems scheduling and setpoint adjustment recommendations to meet comfort goals while reducing operating costs
  • Peace of mind - the energy experts are keeping a trained eye on your systems so that you don’t have to
different cooling elements of the building on the roof

How Active Monitoring works

By sharing read-only, remote access to existing building automation systems, our customers retain control over their systems and their data while receiving the benefits of active monitoring and analysis by engineers.


Connect to BAS

We partner with customers to get connected to customers’ BAS.


Set Targets

Understand customers’ objectives and set goals.

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Conduct Systems Review

Conduct cross-analysis using As-Built documentations.

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Ongoing Remote Monitoring

Dedicated controls engineer actively monitors customers’ systems.

You get a monthly monitoring report that includes:

  • Actively resolved issues
  • System condition
  • Optimization
  • Opportunities
  • Recommendations

How Customers Get Started

  • Condition Based Assessment: A no-cost, up to 90-day engagement to assess the health of customer’s energy assets and uncover system issues using active monitoring and asset data.
  • We provide customers with diagnostic reports, recommendations, and economic analysis based on data from their equipments.
  • The assessment shows each asset’s condition and provides actionable recommendations to save money and preserve comfort.

Getting Started

For customers with web access to their BAS, ABM will need login information or a remote desktop user account and a dedicated BAS read/view-only user account for read/view-only access to the following:

  • Trending
  • Alarms
  • View of the entire BAS network (all controllers and modules)

If the customer does not have existing remote access to their BAS, we will coordinate with the customer’s building engineer/controls engineer/contractor/IT staff to set up remote access. Once we are able to access and review this data on the BAS, we may contact the customer to request BAS documentation, ask questions, or request additional access to BAS data in order to conduct a deeper analysis of issues we discover.

Reach out if you want to learn more about our solutions.